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Before School Care: 

We offer before school care for students who need to be dropped off before 7:30 AM. The monthly charge for every day drop off (M-F) will be $50/month/student and is billable through FACTS. If you choose 2 or 3 day weekly drop off the fee is $30/month/student. Drop in rate for those unexpected mornings you need before school care will be $5/morning/student. 

Teachers at SPPS will manage the before care program They will meet cars at the breezeway sidewalk beginning at 7 AM. Please do not get in the car rider line in the parking lot because that line will not move until 7:30 AM. We expect all early drop offs to be here before 7:15 AM. The teacher will “take attendance” each morning for billing purposes. 

If a child is dropped off before the 7:30 AM line starts, you will be billed for before school care. You may begin monthly drop off or cancel it at anytime by emailing Danielle Babineaux at

After School Care: