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Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Group Contact
Katelyn Abshire Abshire, Katelyn Pre-K Teacher 337-504-3400
Tiffany Albarado Albarado, Tiffany Director of Operations 337-504-3400
Kristen Angelle Angelle, Kristen Makerspace 337-504-3400
Heather Augustin Augustin, Heather Religion Teacher 337-504-3400
Danielle Babineaux Babineaux, Danielle Director of Academics 337-504-3400
Debra Bailey Bailey, Debra Substitute ELA Subs
Peggy Baker Baker, Peggy Teacher Assistant 337-504-3400
Lacie Barilleaux Barilleaux, Lacie Kindergarten Teacher 337-504-3400
Celeste Bergeron Bergeron, Celeste 4th Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Claire Bernard Bernard, Claire Music-Art Ancillary Staff 337-504-3400
Katherine Bordelon Bordelon, Katherine Kindergarten Teacher 337-504-3400
Renee' Broussard Broussard, Renee' 2nd Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Deena Campbell Campbell, Deena 8th Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Danielle Comeaux Comeaux, Danielle 4th Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Nicole Copeland Copeland, Nicole 3rd Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Mark Derise Derise, Mark Pastor/Chancellor 337-235-2433
Morgan Deshotels Deshotels, Morgan 1st Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
DART Diocese Diocese, DART
Dodie Domingue Domingue, Dodie Teacher Assistant 337-504-3400
Kelly Frey Frey, Kelly Teacher Assistant 337-504-3400
Michelle Gauthier Gauthier, Michelle Pre-K Teacher 337-504-3400
Casey Giglio Giglio, Casey teacher 318-201-3809
Kayla Girouard Girouard, Kayla Teacher 337-322-5694
Leslie Gossen Gossen, Leslie 5th Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Josephine Henry Henry, Josephine Cafeteria Technician 337-261-0220
Rachel Kimble Kimble, Rachel Religion Teacher Religion 337-504-3400
Brandi LaBorde LaBorde, Brandi Director of Student Services 337-504-3400
Jennie Larriviere Larriviere, Jennie Teacher Assistant 337-504-3400
Claire Lasseigne Lasseigne, Claire 2nd Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Dione Leger Leger, Dione Physical Education Ancillary Staff 337-504-3400
Mary Ligon Ligon, Mary Reception 337-504-3400
Sarah Martin Martin, Sarah 7th Grade Teacher ELA Subs
Christine McCleary McCleary, Christine Physical Education 337-504-3400
Mary McDavid McDavid, Mary 7th Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Karen Molbert Molbert, Karen Dibels 337-504-3400
Renee' Ory Ory, Renee' Director of Community Outreach 337-504-3400
Barbara Picard Picard, Barbara Cafeteria Technician 337-261-0220
Donna Quebedeaux Quebedeaux, Donna Secretary/Bookkeeper 337-504-3400
Katherine Rhodes Rhodes, Katherine 1st Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Cassidy Richard Richard, Cassidy 5th Grade Teacher 337-504-3400
Robert Richard Richard, Robert Principal 337-504-3400
Lisa Roberts Roberts, Lisa Director of Technology 337-504-3400
Abraham Simon Simon, Abraham Custodian 337-504-3400
Charlotte Smith Smith, Charlotte Custodian 337-504-3400
Amanda Vinson Vinson, Amanda Librarian 337-504-3400
Hilary Wynn Wynn, Hilary 1st Grade Teacher 337-504-3400